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SAB 69 - Stencil printer

Technical information:
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 440 x 360 x 110 mm
  • Stencil dimensions: 380 x 205 mm
  • Weight: 9,5 Kg
  • Efficient area: 185 x 270 mm
  • Table dimensions: 320 x 220 mm
  • Standard squeegee: 150 mm
Datasheet for download:

 SAB 69 - :  SAB 69 - Šablónová tlač - obojstranná
SAB 69   SAB 69 - Stencil printer - double side    

 SAB 69 - :  SAB 69 - Šablónová tlač - obojstranná
Description: SAB – 69 ( stencil printer ) is simple device for easy and fast solder paste application to PCBs using stencil.
Suitable for two-sided printing PCBs.

Thanks to its mechanism it prevents unwanted paste slicing outside destination surfaces - during first phase you rise up frame by using lever and after that you tip off to the side where you can take away PCB.

Operation of stencil printer is very simple. Put PCB on the positioning table of stencil printer, where you should secure PCB by using „stop pin“ against moving. (you can set „stop pins“ according to dimension of PCB by using sliders).
Than you should close the frame with stencil and accurate harmonizing stencil with surfaces on PCB by using of three screws X, Y (micro moves in two axis) and angle rotating in Y axis. Now it is prepared for paste application.
There is squeegee assigned for mapping paste on whole surface of stencil in bigger amount for perfect paste rolling and maintenance its properties. After slicing there is two phase opening – at firs rise up the frame by using lever on the left side in vertical way and after that tip off the frame. After removing PCB from the frame it is prepared for pick and place process. It is possible set height of desk and frame height above the desk (for example for both side printing).

Stencil stretching.
Metal or plastic stencil must have fixture slots according to picture on next page. Stencil must be fixed using the slots into pins on upper frame of SAB 06. By using of two screws it is possible to stretch stencil. Be careful during stretching and do not deform stencil.

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